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In this particular world, at this particular time, I am not naturally gay. It was not surprising at all, as if the news was brought forth by a sailing boat I had been long waiting and watching since it emerged on the horizon inside my heart.

I certainly did not consider it as an issue; it was cool to a twelve-year-old living in a big city who never experienced bullying by peers, as it distinguishes me immediately from my friends and classmates. Most of them had never met anyone who was openly gay by then, therefore a few curious questions were predicted.

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So if you are someone who is always open to new challenges, are willing to learn new things, develop yourself and your hidden talents and passionate to achieve excellence in every task you do, no matter how small, come talk to us. If you would like to take on other challenges, why not? In addition to a core team of paid employees, WMA also opens its doors to interns.We firmly believe that if any individual is willing to learn and invest their time and effort to grow themselves, they will always have a place in our team.I believed that the life I live, a life free from hiding, free from conflicting, free from bullying, is free because of my luck. My "luck" was a temporary result of the tough battles millions of people started fighting long before I came around, dating back to the seventies, when the founding mothers and fathers of the modern LGBT community at Stonewall started the revolution.But I never came to realize what my privilege was made of before I tasted blood on my own wound.

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