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The woman said that after Cowan had left, she noticed her head was bleeding and her hair was matted.The victim testified that Cowan first confronted her on Aug.26, when she was with Cowan’s husband at the Eagles’ Nest Rockin’ Country Bar.But when she learned police had found her gun with what appeared to be blood on it, she told the detective she hit the woman on the head with it two or three times, Flanagan said.“She said she took the pants to embarrass her,” the detective said.When Flanagan told Cowan of the woman’s injuries, which included a black eye, she said Cowan’s response was, “Good.”Defense attorney Jon Babineau argued Thursday that Cowan was, at most, guilty of assault and battery.

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When Cowan found the woman with her husband in the parking lot, she again attacked the woman, the victim said.“She started hollering at me and trying to pull me out of the car,” the woman testified.

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