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Malaysia's Vision Animation and Australia's Moody Street Kids Productions produce. before moving to its regular time slot on Saturdays at a.m. The 26-episode series will premiere on Nickelodeon on Monday, Oct. Stefani originally created the Harajuku firl characters based on the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo. Speaking of, one woman from the town, Tiara Blue, took to Facebook to dish on her experience seeing The Voice coaches at the restaurant."A couple of hours ago, the people inside a certain Mexican food eatery in the lovely small town of Tishomingo, Okla., were a little - shall I say - star struck," she began the post, explaining how her husband held the door open for the couple before she realized who they were."I'm always telling people that I think the celebrities in Tishomingo (Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins) are like mythical creatures," she write, "I've heard plenty of stories of their existence, but have yet to meet one."However, that all changed for Tiara on Tuesday night.She went on to explain how she watched from a distance as her sister, Starlet, marched right up to Gwen and Blake and introduced herself.The series first premiered in Australia in November 2015 after Stefani announced the series the year prior.Like the name of Stefani's 2004 solo album, the series centers on four Harajuku girls named Love, Angel, Music and Baby who form the group HJ5 with their inspirational leader, G.Plus, it shows that her kids are getting along well with him, which is always a good sign.Back in June, when Shelton celebrated his 41st birthday, Stefani also helped him celebrate in style.

is co-created and exec produced by the former No Doubt lead singer.

The Creatures started simply with a group of friends wanting to play games together in a giant house and have all the fun in the world; giving their audience hilarious content, sad moments sometimes, and even House moments. Years went by and things were alright, but within the months, members would end up leaving; being replaced. Then sadly, some of the key members who have been there since the beginning left. The memories he's held throughout the years goes out in a series of vlogs on the Creature Hub channel as a final goodbye to the members no one will ever forget. James and Aleks are getting older, Kids are out of the house and retirement is around the corner.

Promises made all those years ago, when life seemed so long hopeful, coming back to them. Aleks finally confesses his feelings to James but doesn’t get the answer he was hoping for.

She threw him a country-themed birthday party fitting for a country star; it even included an armadillo cake.

This is one of the Chapters in a one shot book I made.

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