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The eroded blocks seem to have been hewn flat on top to facilitate the laying of additional blocks.

I believe that the cut line had marked the top portion of the older block, which was to be cut away, so that the newer blocks could be set level.

In 27 BC, the Roman Emperor Augustus supposedly took the unfathomable decision to build in the middle of nowhere the grandest and mightiest temple of antiquity, the Temple of Jupiter, whose platform, and big courtyard are retained by three walls containing twenty-seven limestone blocks, unequaled in size anywhere in the world, as they all weigh in excess of 300 metric tons.

Three of the blocks, however, weigh more than 800 tons each.

So, when it was lain into this position, the damage was much like it is today.

In Phoenician times, Baalbek had supposedly been a religious centre devoted to Baal.The fact that they were nowhere to be found, no matter, how crucial the task, indicates that they simply did not exist. The Ptolemys conferred the title of Heliopolis upon Baalbek.Therefore, like the other Heliopolis (Sun City) under Ptolemys' domain in Egypt, it had to be an , it must have had some notable architecture, and the two places had to have some connection.Local Arab legends place the cyclopean walls (the Baalbek Terrace) into the time of Cain and Abel.d) Roman and Megalithic styles of building.Orthodox scholars of today scoff at all suggestions that , despite the fact that building with megalithic blocks was not at all in the Roman style, and was no longer practiced in those days. The Colosseum still standing in Rome is a good example of a were quarried and transported in prehistoric times would invite uncomfortable questions on what technology had made it all possible.

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b) Presence of other records of actual Roman transport capabilities.

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