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An identical lens with s/n 1089 was sold at Christies (8 June 1995) mounted on what was advertised as a Leica Standard copy, with no more precision.The Isco Westar 50mm f:3.5, rigid with chrome finish, was the standard lens mounted on the prototypes of the Recta, a rangefinder variant of the Rectaflex.Maybe someone is so committed to a goal he'll spend all the money he has to in order to reach it.Or perhaps there are some people who just don't need the money; the warm fuzzy feeling after doing a good deed is reward enough.

Alta | Baika | Bessa L/T/R | Canon II/III/IV | Canon VT | Canon VIT | Canon P | Canon 7 | Canon 7s | Chiyoca | Chiyotax | Gokoku | Honor S1 | Honor SL | Ichicon-35 | Jeicy | Konica FR | Lausar | Leotax | Leotax G | Melcon | Melcon II | Muley | Nicca | Nicca III-L | Nippon | Tanack 35/IIIS/IV-S | Tanack SD | Tanack VP | Teica | Yashica YE | Yashica YL | Yasuhara T981 Arco (Colinar, Snowva) | Canon (Serenar) | Fuji (Cristar, Fujinon) | K. The mount was adopted on many Leica copies and other 35mm rangefinder cameras. 39mm diameter and 26 threads per inch — with 28.8mm film-to-flange distance and rangefinder coupling.It was mounted on a reflex housing looking like the Astro Identoskop.A table engraved indicated the other lenses: Probably for military use only.A character is able to Screw The Rules, simply because their friends or family are very influential, powerful, or wealthy people. Can be Truth in Television, especially with The Mafia and similar criminal organizations. Wives of powerful men often do this, as do their children.

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