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The French-speaking world has much to offer across lots of different genres.

Whether you're learning the language or studying the culture before a trip abroad, or you're just your average Francophile in love with all things français, keep reading to find out who's who on the modern French music scene in Pop, Folk, Rock, Rap, Gypsy Jazz, and Dance. With lots of styles and genres, you're sure to find something you like.

ALIVE Charity Foundation is the first charity foundation to raise funds for medical research in Malta.

In our first 4 years of operation we have managed to donate over €365,000 towards Cancer Research and Cancer Care.

Lolita," "Like a Virgin", and "Baby One More Time" that they couldn't help themselves.

His music can be a bit challenging, but you can always count on this former film student for a memorable video that gets lots of buzz.

Yet, when she picked up a pen and guitar (and snagged herself with a top-notch producer), magic happened.

ALIVE is now funding treatment research which is leading to more effective and sustainable cancer treatment.

Funds from the first 2 years were directed towards Breast Cancer Research, whilst the funds from the last 2 years have been directed towards Children’s Cancer Research.

The funds raised by ALIVE mainly go towards the human element of research, such as funding Ph D research scholarships, as well as funding new and ongoing research.

(Similar Artists: Rose) Julien Doré The reality show winner and sex symbol is like that hot Art major you know (or used to know back in the day).

He's delightfully weird and seemingly unaffected by his hype.

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