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Asked about the rumored Madonna-Trump friendship, Miller, unlike every other PR man on the planet, neither batted the question away nor gave it short shrift. ” Carswell, the reporter, sounded a bit startled: “Yeah, obviously,” she replied.Whereupon Miller offered a detailed account of the Trump encounter with Madonna, who “came in a beautiful evening gown and combat boots.” The PR man assured the reporter that nothing untoward occurred: “He’s got zero interest that night.” Miller also revealed to Carswell why Trump seemed to relish any and all media coverage, even the most critical.After Carswell’s story appeared — headlined “Trump Says Goodbye Marla, Hello Carla . Carswell said Maples persuaded Trump to issue the invitation as an apology for tricking her.A few weeks later, when People ran a story about Trump and Maples getting engaged, Trump was quoted saying that the John Miller call was a “joke gone awry.” Carswell had been skeptical all along.“He really didn’t want to make a commitment,” Miller said. “He’s a good guy, and he’s not going to hurt anybody. And it doesn’t sound like me on the phone, I will tell you that, and it was not me on the phone. ” " data-credit="Joe Raedle/Getty Images" data-image="https:// Post/2016/05/13/National-Politics/Images/PHO-05Jun30-7977.jpg?“He’s coming out of a marriage, and he’s starting to do tremendously well financially.” Miller turned out to be a remarkably forthcoming source — a spokesman with rare insight into the private thoughts and feelings of his client. env=A" data-max-width="577" data-ratio="1.154" data-title="Howard Dean" data-uuid="5f8a821a-191e-11e6-aa55-670cabef46e0"During a debate against Jimmy Carter in 1976, Ford made a campaign-ending blunder when he said, “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and there never will be under a Ford administration.” The comment made many question Ford’s understanding of world affairs. When the reporters called back and reached Trump’s secretary, she said, “I heard you got disconnected. I don’t know what happened.” Trump has never been terribly adamant about denying that he often made calls to reporters posing as someone else.

Barron was quoted variously as a “Trump spokesman,” “Trump executive” or “Trump representative” in New York magazine, The Washington Post and other publications.

“I can tell you that he didn’t care if he got bad PR until he got his divorce finished,” Miller said.

The more the press wrote about Trump’s money troubles, the greater advantage he would have in negotiations toward a financial settlement with his then-estranged wife, Ivana.

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  2. Erin is pivotal in his efforts to do so, but she is undermined at every turn by Patty, by Jeff’s drinking chums and by Jeff himself, until eventually he realises that she is his best hope.