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From a young age, girls are led to believe that no matter what their dream is they can achieve it, but; in this world, that idea seems truly fantastical.The author of Keys to the Corner Office, Rhonda Rhyne is a woman.No police protection was provided and the intent of the protest was to change the mind of President Wilson, who, at the time was against women’s rights.In contrast, the parade of 1977 had police escorts.Her goal for this book was to address the current situation for women as it was happening.Not simply just to address something that everyone knew was happening, but to really bring light to the issue at hand.

In this book, Betty Friedan addresses the idea that women who once had to be wives and mothers and housewives could now be freed of that due to new technologies (detail one).

The idea of the article is that it shouldn’t be a big deal to want gender equality.

It asks the question of why men find it amusing that women have aspirations in life other than being a house-wife.

In January of 1973, the American Journal of Sociology, published an article about the origins of the woman’s Liberation Movement.

The article, written by Jo Freeman, is appropriately titled: Changing Women in a Changing Society.

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