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We're not 100% sure what the gag is, in fact no-one seems to 'get it'.

The idea of a different spin of the series with such retro visuals, presumably, is the nudge and wink, while the site apparently explicitly says it's a joke near the bottom.

Of course – if you don’t have a Google account you can create one any time.g Image Reader is one of the front-ends to the free Tesseract OCR engine.

You need to download and install Tesseract separately from this page.

El pasado mes de abril, Google Docs experimentó una importante renovación en las diferentes aplicaciones web que componen el paquete, así como una optimización general del sistema para mejorar en la velocidad de carga de los documentos y en los sistemas de colaboración en tiempo real. Google ha anunciado que implementará todas las novedades y posibilidades que permita el nuevo lenguaje HTML5 en su herramienta ofimática.The feature extraction is performed through fuzzy Genetic Algorithms (GA).The feature based classification is performed through important soft computing techniques viz rough fuzzy multilayer perception (RFMLP), fuzzy support vector machine (FSVM), fuzzy rough support vector machine (FRSVM) and hierarchical fuzzy bidirectional recurrent neural networks (HFBRNN).Tesseract engine uses Open Office dictionaries and spellcheckers that can be downloaded from here.Con ella, los usuarios pueden procesar documentos de texto, hojas de cálculo y presentaciones de forma básica.

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