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You weren't the intended audience, so your opinion hardly counts.

Janine Stacey was not House's ex-wife, she was his ex-girlfriend. Edelstein revealed that the show would return to its regular format after the season's ninth episode.

Having faked his death (he ducked out the back and switched out dental records, don't you know), he can certainly never practice medicine again (somehow I have the feeling, after everything he's done, he'll find a way).

House asked Wilson what he wanted to do with the time he had left.

Despite the fact that the cancer-stricken Wilson - with just months left to live - refused to take the fall for a prank which would lead to House returning to prison, House's best friend searched high and low for him. This time, she told him to just give up and leave this mortal coil. Soon, however, Cameron's mind was changed, right as Wilson and Foreman arrived.

House, still inside the burning building, took one look at Wilson before the place exploded. The funeral included just about everyone but Cuddy (and Lucas).

What I do know is that both Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard should finally get long-deserved Emmys this year. Soon, Kutner was replaced by another ghostly visage: Amber, Wilson's ex - and a woman whose death House felt responsible for causing.It was an extraordinary return performance by Anne Dudek, who was then replaced by - yet another surprise - Stacy, House's ex played by Sela Ward, whom we haven't seen on the show in a long time.(New additions Park and Adams, by the way, barely got any screentime, which probably says something about how much of an effect their one season had on the show.) House and Wilson, meanwhile, were on a bridge on motorcycles.Wilson asked what happens when the cancer gets bad.

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