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Using roles, we can define these authorization rules on a role-by-role basis rather than user-by-user.

When a user enters a URL into their browser's address window or clicks on a link, the browser makes a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request to the web server for the specified content, be it an ASP.

While Windows authentication is great for intranet applications, it is usually unfeasible for Internet applications since you do not want to create Windows accounts for each and every user who signs up at your site.

Forms authentication, on the other hand, is ideal for Internet web applications.

Each tutorial is available in C# and Visual Basic versions and includes a download of the complete code used.

(This first tutorial focuses on security concepts from a high-level viewpoint and therefore does not contain any associated code.) In this tutorial we will discuss important security concepts and what facilities are available in ASP.

In doing so, it must determine a number of things about the request, including who made the request and whether the identity is authorized to retrieve the requested content.

This tutorial series is not intended as a guide for developing secure web applications.

This is the first tutorial in a series of tutorials that will explore techniques for authenticating visitors through a web form, authorizing access to particular pages and functionality, and managing user accounts in an ASP. At a minimum, new visitors need to be able to create an account and returning visitors must be able to log in.

Sites that offer user accounts must provide a number of services.

Web applications that support user accounts may optionally group users into .

A role is simply a label that is applied to a user and provides an abstraction for defining authorization rules and page-level functionality.

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Along with this essential information, user accounts may include things like: the user's email address; the date and time the account was created; the date and time they last logged in; first and last name; phone number; and mailing address.

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