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Aside from being user-friendly, the Fantacy mobile app allows your users to Our team provides end to end solution for your app.We provide all necessary support to see your app launched on the App Store. Your application will be developed following all the terms and conditions set forth by Apple for their App Store submissions.This package does not include any native mobile apps and does not comes with upgrade option to mobile apps later.This package comes with 3 months support where all the urgent queries and issues will be solved and answered.

Effective dispute management policies are set in place to protect both buyer and seller from system misuse.This package allows 1 year free support and updates.The apps and script source codes are 99% open source and editable.Free installation includes web script and mobile apps in the stores.[Added] Separate Merchant portal for sellers to manage the products, orders and more details [Updated] New UI update to all the platforms. [Added] Mail chimp was used for newsletter option [Added] Seller can add his product to Daily deal to offer the discounts [Updated] Multiple currency payment supportable [Added] Share a product to Facebook and get discount [Added] Product selfies from verified buyer's [Updated] Improved notification options [Updated] One time cart payment instead of grouping by seller [Added] Category with images in apps [Added] Seller news update to his followers [Removed] Twitter login removed [Added] Barcode search in apps [Added] Like, comment and share option in livefeeds [Added] Cancel orders [Added] Seller shipping offers (Free for seller selected postal codes and free shipping for max.

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