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Abaratar, v., to cheapen, to become cheaper, to beat down the price. Ablandar, v., to soften, to mellow, to soothe, to assuage. Abocar, v., to take or catch -with the mouth ; r.v. Line 4 1st 31 53 2nd 2 70 1st 21 112 „ 34 223 „ 6 281 2nd 19 288 321 20 11 12 Acoger. v." read " v." For "Cénit" read " Cenit." Contrafianza. For " española " read " española." 157 OMISSION 2nd Penultimate line . Abandonar, v., to abandon, to give up, to leave, to desert. Abastecer, i.v., to provide, to supply, to find ; r.v., to supply or provide oneself. C, Bath, New York and Melbourne Printed by Sir Isaac Titman & Sons, Ltd., London, Bath, New York and Melbourne FOREWORD In compiling this commercial dictionary, the aim has been to include all the words and expressions which are generally used in commerce, excluding those which do not come under this category. SPANISH-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-SPANISH COMMERCIAL DICTIONARY OF THE WORDS AND TERMS USED IN COM- MERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE WHICH ARE NOT GIVEN IN THE DICTIONARIES IN ORDINARY USE; COMPOUND PHRASES, IDIOMATIC AND TECHNICAL EXPRESSIONS, ETC. London Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1 Amen Corner, E. Abonar, v., to make good, to allow, to credit ; to subscribe, to -(1696) Abo] SPANISH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY [Acá stand for ; to indemnify, to compensate ; to manure. Abonanzar, v., to become calm, to clear up (the weather).

Gastos — s, incidental expenses, addi- tional charges. The " n" of trans, and the " b" of ob and sub, are often dropped, and thus one may write trans- porte or trasporte, obscuro or oscuro, subscribir or suscribir ; etc. Spanish spelling offers little difficulty as a rule, but atten- tion might be called to words beginning with the preñxes : trans, ob and sub. Abono, m., allowance, security, credit, receipt ; subscription ; season-ticket ; dimg, manure. (a), to board (a ship), to run into, to come up to.

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Abrazar, v., to embrace, to com- prise, to contain. Abrigar, v., to shelter, to protect, to patronise ; to entertain, to harbour.

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