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Our Curves Connect users are already giving us feedback that they are having more success on Curves Connect because they feel more comfortable being true to themselves.

Curves Connect appeals to first-time online daters and to people who have given up on the other mainstream sites, because Curves Connect is very easy to use, and our community is made up of real people looking for meaningful relationships.

People interested in a long-term, meaningful relationship are willing to pay a modest fee and this deters people who are just looking for hook-ups.

Our site provides an app-like mobile experience but you do not need to download an app to use it. We did this to make our site user-friendly for anyone who is less tech savvy and anyone who doesn’t want to deal with app downloads and updates.

The success stories from online dating are incredibly prevalent in all walks of life and online dating is fast becoming the largest source of dates and relationships in our society.

Men feel that online dating levels the playing field and finally gives them the power of rejecting or accepting a variety of prospects, but there is an issue with being "catfished." Does your platform involve any background checks or video messaging?

You know, I have been working on a series of blogs about dating in your 20s vs 30s, and social media and online dating came up several times in the discussions I have had with people. I want to know you and your people, to some extent, before I connect with you. "Internet dating has all of the issues you get in regular dating with the addition of all the various issues the Internet brings: fraudulent pics, outright lies in the profile, husbands, boyfriends, and children no one knew existed."-Single Guy I talked to a couple of people about a company that reached out to me about their new online dating platform. She expressed that not being what's labeled as an "ideal body type" gets her ignored in a sea of "Instagram models," so she is less likely to try online dating.

By emphasizing people’s interests and values, by discouraging people who are seeking hook-ups, and by inviting people not to judge a book by its cover, we are setting expectations for more meaningful interaction.

In terms of people’s truthfulness, both sexes need to be cautious and patient in getting to know someone.

The biggest concerns many women have expressed about online dating are that: it makes it easier for men to lie; there tends to be no serious interest in connecting other than for sex; and with all of the "matches," there is sensory overload. Our site is positioned for meaningful relationships.

There are plenty of other sites for hook-ups, including the many free sites.

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Also, we set the expectation with our users that this is not a forum for judging people based on their looks only.

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