Dating women with close girlfriends

The number of cross-sex friendships continues to decline with age—not surprising, because most older adults grew up in an age where consorting with the opposite sex outside of wedlock was taboo.According to Rosemary Blieszner, at Virginia Tech and author of There are proven—and apparent—distinct differences between female friendship and male friendship.A simple, platonic hug could instantaneously take on a more amorous meaning."You're trying to do a friend-friend thing," said O'Meara, "but the male-female parts of you get in the way." Unwelcome or not, the attraction is difficult to ignore.

People with close friends of the opposite sex are often barraged with nudging, winking and skepticism: "Are you really just friends?But as people develop serious romantic relationships or get married, making and maintaining cross-sex friendships becomes harder."Even the most secure people in a strong marriage probably don't want a spouse to be establishing a new friendship, especially with someone who's very attractive," said Monsour.To that end, social scientists like Sapadin, Monsour and O'Meara have studied how to do just that.The field of research is still in its infancy, but they are now beginning to understand some basic truths about male-female friendship: Not until high school does puberty really draw boys and girls together, which then continues into college.

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