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As she sits next to the first guy, we see her left breast uncovered.

In his Clichy apartment, his friend and flatmate Carl (Alfred Perles), takes in a teenaged runaway named Colette? Lola then puts some oil on her own chest and rubs her breasts on Lara's naked body.

Lara Tinelli lying naked on her stomach with her legs spread slightly as Lola Fellini, who is topless, rubs herself all over Lara's back, butt, and legs, stopping occasionally to put her face between Lara's legs and go down on her from behind.

We then get another quick view of her right breast when she climbs out of bed the next morning.

Her boobs are the stars of the show as they are about D-cup in size, all natural and still have as much youthful pertness as a set of mellons these size can possibly have.

If your desperate to squeeze every last moment of nudity from this gem, there is also a scene where she gets out of bed and we see a few frames of tit and bush peeking out of her loose nightie. It's a shame this seems to be the only movie where she showed those amazing assets off...

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She then leads him naked into the bathroom, showing her butt again.

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