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She has a special brand of humor, which makes the delivery of her brutal punishment even more humiliating.

She totally emasculates poor Tony with a series of schoolgirl pins, facesitting, and scissors, forcing him to get "up close and personal" - against his wishes, of course - as she drives his head into her crotch.

A good video card and at least 1GB of RAM should be considered a requirement to play this video. If the video stutters you might not have enough available memory and might have to close other programs.At 5-10, 185 herself, she may not be quite as farm strong as She-Hulk, but she's got years of technical fighting under her belt, whereas She-Hulk's grappling experience has been limited mainly to crushing unruly boyfriends. This heavyweight matchup is for fans of HUGE, competitive women.FREE PREVIEW Fitness model Mila Malone (5-4, 130 lbs) is the sexiest newcomer we've featured in a very long time.And she does it all with seemingly so little effort, which just further heightens the humiliation.FREE PREVIEW Ace is skilled grappler, and at 5-10, 190 lbs of solid muscle, it's been difficult for us to find opponents that can hang with her.

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